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Business General Manager of Wanda Visits YUTU April 24, Business General Manager of Wanda Visits YUTU. Both parties conducted in-depth discussions on applications of private … April 24,2018
Carlive Chain Attends the National Password Top-level Academic Conference April 20, Ansel Qi, CEO(APAC)of Carlive Chain was invited to participate in the the national password top-level academic conference… April 20,2018
Carlive Chain Attends the Blockchain Theme Meeting March 29, Ansel Qi, CEO(APAC)of Carlive Chain was invited to participate in the theme of “Hold the Future and Explain… March 30,2018
General Manager of XINHUANET’s Innovation Department Visits YUTU 22nd, March, Mr. Zhou Xiaoping, General Manager of XINHUANET’s Innovation Department, visited YUTU and discussed… March 22,2018
USTC will cooperate with YUTU in the direction of block chain On March 21, Doctor Shen Xiaobei from University of Science and Technology of China led her team to visit Yutu… March 21,2018
YUTU and BYD Establishs a Consensus on Blockchain Application, Community Data, and Vehicle Data Ecology 13th, March , the YUTU management team visited BYD headquarters to establish a consensus on blockchain application,… March 13,2018
Celebrated Investment Banking Expert Dr.Huadong Pang Joins Carlive Chain March 6th, former vice-president of South America investment bank department of JP Morgan,Dr.Huadong Pang has recently … March 6,2018
International Renowned Financial Expert Pro.Geng Xiao Joins Carlive Chain Feb 28th, Professor Geng XIAO, an international renowned financial and finance and public policy expert from HKU, leads the team joined … February 28,2018
YUTU and BYD Auto Holds a Meeting Feb. 12, YUTU held a cooperation meeting with Chinese auto giant BYD, and both parties exchanged specific information on … February 12,2018
CarLive Chain Attends The Investor Meeting Feb.7, Dr. Miller, CarLive Chain CMO attended the Blockchain Shareholder Meeting with more than 200 investors in Xiamen… February 07,2018
YUTU Announced to Invest 500 Million Yuan to Build Global Ecological Block Chain of Auto-Life January 22, 2018, YUTU, China’s well-known auto life social sharing platform, announced through the live platform of … January 22,2018
Walk into the Conference of YUTU Block Chain Let me show you the value of YUTU block-chain in 1 minute. Apply block-chain technology to create the world’s most… January 22,2018
Car life artifact car Ouch app open Enterprise media platform July 19, 2017, YUTU held a press conference in Beijing, announcing the official opening of AYocar APP enterprise-class… July 20, 2017
Guangzhou International Investment Annual Meeting: the CEO of YUTU Challenges 4S Shop: you double the owners’ costs of car maintaining! March 28, 2017, “‘ Discover· the Power of Guangzhou Innovation’ Sub-forum of 2017 Guangzhou International Investment Annual… April 28, 2017 Titled as the Most Promising Company for Investment and Recreates New Ali Market Value Together with Ali Alumni. Recently, Alibaba Entrepreneurial Alumni New Year Cocktail Party was held in Hangzhou, which was presented by the CEO of 680 … January 29, 2017
YUTU. and a world famous university set out the research on the e-commerce big data of contextualization Recently, YUTU, University of Science and Technology of China, and the National University of Singapore signed a tripartite… January 17, 2017
From the perspective that YUTU borrows power from web celebrities to look at the next vertical e-commerce outlet In recent years, the mobile Internet has been developing rapidly, and the business model has been innovated ceaselessly. In … December 13, 2016
YUTU Put on the Live Show of Web-Celebrity-Wash-Car and Draws 500,000 Onlookers September 4, the Contextualized APP AYocar of YUTU put on the live show where the web celebrity- goddess “FuFu” … September 04, 2016
The eccentric culture of YUTU: Happy Work and Perfect Implementation As a pioneering company of Ali, YUTU adheres to the “eccentric” culture of Ali- happy work. The people of YUTU… August 12, 2016
PCauto Exclusive Interview with the CEO of YUTU, Xianwei Qi Xianwei Qi: YUTU is an auto life community in the era of mobile Internet, and our biggest feature is the use of big data … November 12, 2016
Mobileye Abandoned Tesla and Jointed Hand with YUTU to Enter China Recently, the reporter received the explosive news: the world’s largest advanced driving auxiliary system (ADAS) manufacturer … July 30, 2016
AYocar ’s first entertainment video released attracts more than 1.5 million reads by a single scene It is known that the YUTU, which is specialized in creating contextualized solutions for uses, is engaged in building the … July 06, 2016
YUTU Obtained the Award of “the Most Promising Enterprise for Investment” in Ali, 2015 January 19, 2016, Alibaba Alumni Cocktail Party was presented by the CEOs of 324 Ali startups including Wacai, DIDI, … January 20, 2016